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RVA Pledge is created and managed by us (Teal House Company). We have been fighting for equity in real estate for nearly 10 years. 

The pledge fights for Richmonders by making available rental assitance, help with security deposits, deliquent tax support and making free critical home repairs to vunerable home owners. 

We (We = all of us) have all see the changes in Richmond. From home prices increasing to luxury 2 bedroom apartments nobody can afford, the changes don't seem to include us all. Housing opportunities and privileges are not equally distributed. Richmond housing options are becoming out of reach Richmonders. 

We’ve shared our stories. We’ve built our work around fighting displacement, predatory investors and  closing the information gap (we = Teal House Company). We’ve all heard the stories of families fighting to find stable housing or how our older Richmonders are losing their homes.  But now is the time we do something about it. 


The pledge is how we (We = all of us)   work together keep people home.  We're (We're = Teal House Company) asking people to make personal pledges. 

Why did we (Teal House) create the pledge


  • Home values have increased by 15.1% in a year

  • Home values have increased by 65% in (5) yrs

  • Median list price of a single-family home is $325,000

  • Southside home prices have increased 25.7% since 2021

  • Northside home prices have increased 35% in (2) years

What's your pledge?

You may not think of yourself as a housing person or a social justice fighter, but if you care about the people of Richmond like we do, it is time we spoke up . The time has come for Richmonders to move things forward and fight for policy changes needed to promote housing affordability and healthier neighborhoods for everyone.


Take the first step by making a pledge for a better  Together, lets show our love for the people of this city. 

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